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Final Wingless Wednesday event of 2019 is tonight!

Jason Swavely wins the 270 Make up Feature event, 10 Features run during the Wingless Wednesday events. Final Wingless Wednesday event of 2019 is tonight!

There was a lot of racing action to be seen on Wednesday September 18 with a full set of make of features for all of the divisions and a complete night of racing action to get in. The drivers and teams came prepared to race and the fans were treated to some amazing side by side as well as three and four wide racing action through out the evening.

After the 600 Micro Sprints completed their remaining heat race from the previous week, the Junior Slingshots made their way onto the track for their first feature event. Logan Bauman would lead the field to the green and never look back as he would lead all of the laps and take home the win. This class of young racers has a lot of talent in it and each week they put on some great battles, this race had Tyler UIsh finishing second followed by Wyatt Taschler, Joe Lyle, Aaron Diller, Talan Carter and Tucker Cole. In their second feature event, Logan Watt made his first start in a Slingshot, but unfortunately mechanical issues sidelined him after the first lap, keep an eye out for this young man to be back on the track, as he is a very talented driver in his quarter midget. Aaron Diller also was sidelined prior to the start of the race with mechanical issues. Talan Carter would win this feature after leading it from start to finish with a commanding lead. Joey Lyle would finish second followed by Tyler Ulsh, Wyatt Taschler, Tucker Cole and Matt Laubach, who was also making his first start in a Slingshot at Shellhammer’s Speedway.

The 600 Micro Sprint make up feature event had everyone keep an eye on the entire field with all of the three and four wide racing action that was taking place. The leaders had a very intense battle going between Nathan Smith Jr and James Morris. On lap 17 the pair would tangle and Morris would end up going over. Smith would be able to keep his spot but would feel the pressures of Lou Cicconi on the restart. Just after the white flag waved, Cicconi would tangle with Adrianna Delliponti and Daniel Schumaker. This would reset the field for a one lap shoot out but Nathan Smith JR. was not letting anyone take away the top spot and he would bring home the win followed by Fred Heinly, Jared Lilly, Tyler Lindsay and Jeremy Harshman. The second feature was brought to the green by Jacob Severn. Severn would have the lead until the restart on lap 13 when James Morris would challenge for the top spot and take control. Morris would take the lead and Severn would be battling with Delliponti and Cicconi to try and keep his second place spot. At the line it would be Cicconi finishing second followed by Severn, Delliponti and finishing fifth was Shaw Rooney.

The first 270 Micro Sprints feature was action packed and this race kept the fans on the edge of their seats right up until the checker flag flew! Jason Swavely took no time at all to have his car out front and take over the top spot. Early on he felt the pressure from JT Brotosky, but Brandon Edgar was working his way through the pack with his sights set on the leader. Edgar was up to the runner up spot by lap 7 but following him to the front was Dakota Barlet, Loudon Reimert and Glenn Macomber. The caution would fly on lap 15 when Chad Riddle would have mechanical problems and his exhaust would come off, and that rest the field, giving all of them the chance to be right in line with each other. As the green came out, Edgar and Swavely would begin an intense battle for the final five laps, but as the checkered flag flew, it would be Jason Swavely but only 0.031 over Brandon Edgar for the win. Dakota Barlet would finish third followed by Loudon Reimert and Glenn Macomber.

The second 270 Micro Sprint Feature was just as exciting as the first one! The red would come out on the first lap as the first feature winner, Jason Swavely would tangle with another car and find himself flipping between turns 1 and 2. Swavely would be able to continue racing after his little roller coaster ride! The field would get relined up and go back to free flag racing. Mike Kalman would be the early pace sitter, but Edgar would take over the top spot on lap 4 with Kalman and Macomber putting on the pressure. Meanwhile, Swavely was quietly working his way to the front of the pack after restarting in the rear after his earlier roll over. The caution would fly on lap 13 when Patrick Kirn would spin in turn 4. Swavely was up to 5th place at this point and Edgar would restart feeling the pressure of Kalman, Macomber, Reimert and Swavely. When the green flag flew, Reimert was on the move and was up to second but soon was battling with Swavely for the runner up spot, which allowed Edgar to take home the win. Reimert would finish second followed by Swavely, Macomber, and Kalman.

In the first 125 Micro Sprint Feature, Olivia Pellicciotti would lead the field to the green and show the way for the entire feature event. Behind her Thomas Kelley would be second early on, but mechanical failure would see him fall to the rear toward the end of the race. Zach Sound would finish second followed by Dylan Barlip and Thomas Kelley. In the Second 125 Feature Event, Marty Brian would take home the win followed by Chase Layser, Olivia Pellicciotti, Chase Layser, Dylan Barlip, Zach Young and Ron Young.

The Senior Slingshot Feature make up feature event saw Logan Bauman take the lead on the start and he did a great job of holding off the hard challenges of Brett Bieber as they weaved their way through lapped traffic to hold on for the win. Amanda Angstadt would finish third followed by Tanner Vandoren and Gavin Danner. In the second feature event, Josh Patterson would take the early lead over Lindsay Garl. Brett Bieber was working his way to the front and took over the top spot and never looked back. Bieber would take home the win followed by Josh Patterson, Lindsey Garl, Logan Bauman and Ryan Graver.

There are only 2 more nights of racing left in September for both Wednesday (1) and Saturday (1) Evenings. Wednesday September 25 the Final 2019 Wingless Wednesday Action will take place as the 600 Micro Sprints will be joined by the 270 and 125 Micro Sprints along with the Junior and Senior Slingshots. September 28 will be the Season Final for the Saturday night series with Double Points for all of the divisions in action. Many titles are still on the line and Champions will be crowned that evening! Grandstand Admission is only $8 while children 12 and under are free. Pit admission is $20 and children 5 and under are only $5 in the pits. Bring the family out to enjoy a great evening of racing action under the stars! There is plenty of seating and you are welcome to bring a lawn chair or blankets and the concession stand has a large selection of food and drinks available too! There is ample free parking for spectators also!

Banquet tickets are now available for sale! The Banquet will be held Saturday November 16 at St. Mary Parish Hall, 94 Walnut Road, Hamburg. Adult tickets are $35, children 6-12 are $20 and 5 and under are free.a

Announcements and updates about the 2020 Schedule will be coming soon!! Many exciting things are happening at Shellhammer’s Speedway!


“wingless” WEDNESDAY Make up Features from Rain Out Event


fastest feature lap: Tyler Ulsh, lap 15, 10.820, 41.589 mph


2. Tyler Ulsh

3. Wyatt Taschler

4. Joey Lyle

5. Aaron Diller

6. Talan Carter

7. Cole Tucker

Nolan Layser (DNS)

“wingless” 270 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Brandon Edgar, lap 7, 9.257, 48.614 mph


2. Brandon Edgar

3. Dakota Barlet

4. Louden Reimert

5. Glenn Macomber

6. Alex Reinsmith

7. J T Brotosky

8. Jeffrey Confer

9. Ashly Pignoli

10. Chad Riddle

“wingless” 125 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Olivia Pellicciotti, lap 10, 9.974, 45.119 mph


2. Zach Young

3. Dylan Barlip

4. Thomas Kelley

Ron Young (DNS)


fastest feature lap: Brett Bieber, lap 16, 10.399, 43.275 mph


2. Brett Bieber

3. Amanda Angstadt

4. Tanner Vandoren

5. Gavin Danner

6. Josh Patterson

7. Emily Flemming

8. Joey Vacaro

9. Dylan Sweinhart

10. Brandon Confer

11. Lindsey Garl

12. Morgan Labuda

13. John Arms

14. Devin Whitmoyer

15. Tyler Ulsh

“wingless” 600 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Richard Mellor, lap 4, 9.178, 49.028 mph


2. Fred Heinly

3. Jared Lilly

4. Tyler Lindsay

5. Jeremy Harshman

6. Mark Sokol

7. Richard Mellor

8. James Morris

9. Cory Hunsberger

10. Adrianna Delliponti

11. Shawn Rooney

12. Lou Cicconi

13. Daniel Schumaker

14. Scott Lavar

15. Zachary Fisher

16. Jacob Severn

17. Jared Peckham

Hunter McFadden (DNS), Tommy Kunsman (DNS), Wayne Scott (DNS)


“wingless” WEDNESDAY


fastest feature lap: Talan Carter, lap 8, 10.536, 42.712 mph


2. Joey Lyle

3. Tyler Ulsh

4. Wyatt Taschler

5. Tucker Cole

6. Matt Laubach

7. Logan Watt

8. Aaron Diller

“wingless” 270 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Brandon Edgar, lap 6, 9.521, 47.264 mph


2. Louden Reimert

3. Jason Swavely

4. Glenn Macomber

5. Mike Kalman

6. Dakota Barlet

7. Alex Reinsmith

8. Jeffrey Confer

9. J T Brotosky

10. Patrick Kirn

11. Clinton Hauser

12. Chad Riddle

13. Ashly Pignoli

14. Mark Kemp

15. Ben Layser

“wingless” 125 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Marty Brian, lap 3, 10.048, 44.784 mph


2. Olivia Pellicciotti

3. Chase Layser

4. Dylan Barlip

5. Zach Young

6. Ron Young

Boug Birt (DNS), Thomas Kelley (DNS)


fastest feature lap: Brett Bieber, lap 10, 10.288, 43.741 mph


2. Josh Patterson

3. Lindsey Garl

4. Logan Bauman

5. Ryan Graver

6. Joey Vaccaro

7. Gavin Danner

8. Amanda Angstadt

9. William Mohring

10. Emily Flemming

11. Tyler Ulsh

12. Dylan Sweinhart

13. Morgan Lubuda

14. Devin Whitmoyer

15. Bill Birchall

16. Jeffrey Huduck

17. James Mohr

18. Tess Horvath

19. Mark Mohr

20. John Arms

21. Brandon Confer

“wingless” 600 MICRO SPRINT

fastest feature lap: Jacob Severn, lap 8, 9.604, 46.856 mph


2. Lou Cicconi

3. Jacob Severn

4. Adrianna Delliponti

5. Shawn Rooney

6. Fred Heinly

7. Cliff Brian Jr

8. Richard Mellor

9. Nathan Smith Jr

10. Patrick Mitsdarfer

11. Lavar Scott

12. Dennis Stawinsky

13. Mark Sokol

14. Ryan Stengle

15. Jeremy Harshman

16. Jared Peckham

17. Tyler Lyndsay

18. Cory Hunsberger

19. Logan Runsey

Zachary Fisher (BF),Daniel Schumaker (DNS)

Upcoming Events


25 “wingless” Wednesday—600, 270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Slingshots, 600 Mods

28 SEASON FINALE Regular Show (heats & features) + QUADS (Double Heat Points and Double Feature Points)


NOVEMBER 16 AWARDS BANQUET—St. Mary Parish Hall, 94 Walnut Road, Hamburg, PA 19526

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